Cryptonite is a complex and ever evolving project, so we're always happy to have more eyes on the code and we welcome experienced developers to get involved and contribute code. We have many future plans for improvements and optimizations of Cryptonite, and we wont be able to get that done without a strong open source development team. The project repository is hosted on github if you want to check it out or get involved.

IRC: #cryptonite on freenode


The project wiki is a community maintained wiki which contains a lot of technical and useful information about Cryptonite and the way it works. You can help make it better by fixing mistakes, adding translations, and keeping it up-to-date.

Report Bugs

You can use the bug tracker over at github if you wish to report any bugs and help us make Cryptonite more stable.


You can help the Miniblockchain Project fund development of Cryptonite by donating to our Cryptonite address: