Development News

Official Block Explorer
19th of September, 2014

An official Cryptonite block explorer is now available at It will properly display special transactions such as updates to withdrawal limits and the strange genesis block transaction with no inputs and an output which sends the total coin supply to the coinbase account. The block explorer code is open source and can be found on GitHub. Future updates will include a public API and some pretty charts.

Pruning Mode Fully Online
11th of August, 2014

We have now passed the two week mark since launch and the network has switched over to "pruned mode", meaning any new node that joins the network will only need to download the last weeks worth of blocks (10k blocks) in order to sync and become a full node. A lot has happened since launch, XCN was listed on 3 exchanges within the first week, we have a pool and a public GPU miner has been made for the M7 algorithm.

Cryptonite Released!
28th of July, 2014

It has arrived, Cryptonite is live and network is churning out hashes. You can read more and join the discussion in the official announcement thread. The first couple of hours were bit of a bumpy ride, the first Windows binaries released were buggy and caused a bunch of mini-forks to break out, preventing Windows users from participating in the network until we released a fix, after which the network hash rate sky rocketed.

Cryptonite Pre-announcement
21st of July, 2014

Finally the time has come for the Cryptonite pre-announcement thread, informing all concerned parties that the official announcement for Cryptonite will be 1 week from now on the 28th of July at 1:00 AM UTC. The exact release time may still change but for now we're on schedule. The full source code and pre-compiled binaries will be available upon launch. Stay tuned for more updates and development news.

Qt and Windows Testing
13th of July, 2014

It has been just more than a month since public testing first began and we have achieved quite a lot. We have begun testing on Windows and we have are also testing Qt binaries on both Windows and Linux. An array of other features such as support for multi-signature transactions and withdrawal limits have also been implemented since testing first began. Good progress is being made and we are on schedule for release in late July.

Public Test Release
7th of June, 2014

Testing of the first Cryptonite binaries for Linux has begun over at the bitcointalk forum. Keep in mind this is only a test release designed to weed out bugs and test new features, the official release is planned for late July. Most alt-coins don't have public beta testing, but it is important that we go through this testing phase because Cryptonite is based on untested concepts and we can't release an alt-coin full of bugs and flaws.