The Mini-blockchain Project

The Mini-blockchain Project is an open source community project first founded with the aim of developing and implementing the mini-blockchain scheme in order to create a new breed of scalable cryptocurrency. As a result of this initiative the project has been able to develop Cryptonite, the first open source cryptocurrency to implement the mini-blockchain scheme and a range of other innovative features.

One of the main areas we focused on during the initial development of Cryptonite was any improvements which would increase long term stability and feasibility of the coin, with scalability being the central focus. The basic philosophy behind Cryptonite is to follow the ideals set by Bitcoin as closely as possible but improve upon everything that could be improved using our own solutions and ideas inspired by other altcoins.

We enjoy working on the cutting edge and we're always researching new ways that we can make cryptocurrency even better. We also encourage people to find interesting ways to extend and modify our protocol in their own altcoins. If you would like to work with us we're always looking for more open source developers to help us work on Cryptonite and related projects. You may contact us by visiting the contact page.


Project founder: J.D. Bruce
Lead developer: pallas
Original developer: catia
Support developer: Sam A.
Technical advice: aaaxn
Graphics: sadface